Written by Matt MacGregor and illustrated by Don Huff. It’s the story of an adventurous sidewalks journey through life with a little help from his friends. Matt wrote I Am a Sidewalk in 1977 as a sophomore in high school. He picked the topic to get points for creativity and improve his chances for a better grade. He got a B. For him, that was a good grade. He kept the story in a folder until the mid-1990s, when he started to type it up as a short story to put in a magazine. He never finished. In the back of his mind, he wanted it to be a children’s book.

In 2010, Matt asked his old friend Don Huff to help give him pointers. Don gave Matt some good ideas and encouraged him to continue. He was going to have his sons—Collin, Dillon, and Trevlan—illustrate the story. They gave him some great ideas. This further inspired him to continue. His three boys enjoyed the story when it was read to them. Maybe they will read it to their children someday. 

Matt learned a lot during the process of turning the original homework assignment into a children’s book. With the help of Don and others, he learned about the power of friendship, with patience and persistence to make progress. This story is more than just a sidewalk journal. It is a reflection on life and speaks to that through the eyes of a sidewalk. This story is for all of us, not just our children. Order your copy and see what it tells you.

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